Environmental, Social & Governance

Esker’s commitments to creating a positive impact

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Our vision

Our customers, employees and partners share our conviction: a company’s economic development must have a beneficial impact on its entire business ecosystem, society and the environment. That’s what we call positive-sum growth.

  • Contributing to the protection of our planet

    by controlling our environmental footprint.

  • Acting ethically & responsibly

    from our governance to our supply chain.

  • Developing our workforce

    through a collaborative culture and a management approach that supports inclusion and diversity.

  • Building customer trust & satisfaction

    through innovative solutions, on a secure and reliable platform.

"Esker builds innovative and responsible solutions that have a positive impact on society and the people within it, and enable our customers to improve their own ESG performance."

Jean-Michel Bérard, Esker Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Esker Impact Report 2023

Learn more about Esker’s ESG policies, actions and results.

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Working to create a sustainable business ecosystem

Mitigating our environmental impact

Esker is committed to reducing its environmental impact by proactively performing an accounting of its carbon footprint. Our mail production facility and Lyon headquarters are ISO14001: 2015 certified since 2019 and 2020, respectively. Esker is also committed to adopting a “Green IT” approach by educating development teams about optimizing processes and choosing data center suppliers with a strong commitment to environmental protection, such as Microsoft Azure.

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Promoting ethical & responsible governance

Going beyond simply complying with laws and regulations, Esker integrates financial and non-financial best practices into its corporate governance with an Internal Code of Conduct. Esker is also a member of the Middlenext governance code, and its Supervisory Board remains 100% independent, fully engaged, and respects gender parity.

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Empowering our employees

Esker is committed to a caring and dedicated corporate culture that reinforces diversity and inclusion - from the first steps of a new hire and throughout their Esker career. Well-being at work is at the heart of our mission, as witnessed by our low employee turnover (9%) and high recommendation rate (88%).

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Focusing on our customers

Customers are at the heart of Esker’s business and they trust us to guide them on their road to success. We do so by providing a cloud platform that is available 24/7 and meets the highest security standards. Our dedicated Customer Experience teams ensure that our customers can make the most of Esker’s solutions.

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ESG ratings

EcoVadis Rating 2023

Global Score 2023


3rd place in the Impact ESG Index
France 2021

Member of the United Nations Global Compact

We believe that businesses have a vital role to play in building more stable, inclusive and sustainable societies. Esker is committed to promoting the Global Compact’s 10 principles regarding human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

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Community outreach

Tons of perks, lots of fun and a great group of people. But that’s not all that Esker’s culture is about. We’re proud of the fact that our impact extends beyond our office and employees. Just a few of the non-profits we team up with include:

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Our partners

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